The Center continues to develop the international educational project “Nature and Society in Prehistoric Europe”, launched with the support of the House of Europe programme ( The National Museum of Natural Sciences (France) organizes the next stage, related to the presentation of Ukrainian prehistoric archaeology at the international level and the exchange of scientific experience.
The head of the Center, associate professor of Department archaeology and museum studies Pavlo Shydlovskyi is on an internship at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Paris (MNHN). The internship program includes joint research in the field of prehistory and zooarchaeology, as well as educational activity.
The work in the Museum began with the excursion of the halls of the Gallery of Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy, which has a long history, from the middle of the XIX century, and formation of the funds of which is associated with a number of prominent natural scientists. The visit was conducted by the emeritus research director, previous (2002-2009) Head of the Laboratory of Paleontology prof. Shevket Sen. During the meeting, consultations were held on the peculiarities of the Late Pleistocene fauna of Europe, which was joined by zooarchaeologist, associate professor Stèphane Pèan.

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The head of the Center, associate professor of Department archaeology and museum studies Pavlo Shydlovskyi has been being on an internship in France. The intership is going in the various scientific and museum institutions of France. Among them is the Institute of Human Paleontology, established in 1910, which preserves archaeological, paleoanthropological, and zooarchaeological materials from around the world. There is a library and a number of laboratories of the National Museum of Natural History.

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During the internship, Pavlo Shydlovskyi got acquainted with zooarchaeological, traceological and restoration methods of processing collections, processed archaeological materials from the funds of an number of museums and research institutions in France and took a direct part in the study of prehistoric sites in Dordogne.