NGO “Th. Vovk Center of Paleoetnological Researches” STATUT

General regulations.

1.1. Public Organization «Center OF PALEOETHNOLOGICAL RESEARCHES» — association of young scientists in the area archeology, anthropology, ethnology and other related sciences.

1.2. Center founded and acting under Constitution of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine “On Public Associations”, “On Protection of Cultural Heritage”, “On Protection of the Archaeological Heritage”, the current legislation of Ukraine and this Statute.

1.3. Center creates and operates on a voluntary basis, equality of the members, self-government, legitimacy, mutual aid and cooperation, recognition of copyright, electivity and accountability of governance, transparency in the work. The center collaborates with research institutions, institutions of culture and education, public organizations that interested in archaeological and anthropological research.

1.4. It acts at the Department of Archaeology and Museum Studies, Faculty of History, Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University.


The statute of the center