Запрошуємо на онлайн лекцію: Current Approaches to Remote Sensing in Archaeology

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Запрошуємо на онлайн лекцію та майстерклас з методів дистанційної фіксації в археології
Понеділок, 30 жовтня, 17:00 за Києвом

Dr. Sean Field, University of Wyoming
Dr. Ian Kuijt, University of Notre Dame
Current Approaches to Remote Sensing in Archaeology

Remote sensing has rapidly altered the capacity for archaeologists to image, detect, and map archaeological landscapes. The suite of tools that archaeologists use for airborne remote sensing most often include photogrammetry and LiDAR. These methods will be reviewed in the context of archaeological research, with a particular emphasis on the visualization and analytical benefits of both methods and how they can be leveraged for archaeological landscape and site analysis.











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