Themes and Workshops

The Conference themes are:

1.Theory, methods and history of Wetland Archaeology.

2.Field techniques and dating methods.

3.Water basins and Neolithic – Bronze Age communities in Europe

4.The local group in a natural environment (settlements, dwellings, culture of household)

During the conference two workshops are planned:


Workshop 1.

«Lacustrian Dendrochronology in the Context of Pile Dwelling Archaeology at Lake Biel, Switzerland».

Lead by Matthias Bolliger and John Francuz

In the workshop on lacustrian dendrochronology, participants will have the opportunity to visually cross-match and correlate ring-width curves, build mean-curve chronologies and date them in calendar time.


Workshop 2.

«Underwater Exploration of Wetland and Peat-bog Sites. Perspectives and Problems».

Lead by Ekaterina Dolbunova and Sergii Zelenko:

The topics to be discussed:

– Law basis of diving, incl. underwater archaeology in countries-participants

(short presentations, circa 5 minutes each by participants of the ESD course);

– Peat-bog sites and underwater excavations: methods and organization in countries-


– Perspectives and plans for the future, (presented by the members of NEENAWA group).