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Bern, Switzerland

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Adam Mickiewicz University, Institute of Eastern Studies&Poznań Archaeological Museum, Poland

«Between the Seas: Baltic – Pontic Contact Space in the 3rd  Millennium BC»


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Kyiv, Ukraine

«Neolithization of Right-Bank Ukraine»


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Kiel, Germany

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Kyiv, Ukraine

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St. Petersburg, Russia

«Lacustrine sites in North-Western Russia in 7–3 mill. BC»


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Kraków, Poland

«Neolithic Settlement Zones in Western Part of Little Poland:

a Case of Targowisko»


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Minsk, Belorussia

«Peat-bog settlement of the Middle Neolithic – Middle Bronze Age Asavec 2.

The Current State of Research and the Prospects of Further Study.»


9.Valentina Todoroska*, Zlata Blazeska**

*Struga, Macedonia, **Skopje, Macedonia

«Prehistoric Tool Kit for Surviving»


10.Christopher Arabatzis                                          

Flórina, Greece

«First Data About the Osseous Industries of the Prehistoric Lakeside

Settlement of Anarghiri IXb, Western Macedonia, Greece»


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Bern, Switzerland

«Mobilities, Entanglements, Transformations. Pottery Practices in Neolithic

Wetland Sites of the Swiss Plateau»


12.Dmytro Gaskevych

Kyiv, Ukraine

«Pottery With Admixture of Graphite and Exchange Networks in Neolithic of

Ukraine: Problem Statement»


13.Nikos Chausidis         

Skopje, Macedonia

«‘River People’ of the Northern Black Sea and Macedonia»


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Skopje, Macedonia

«With or Without You: the Formation of Identities in the Neolithic Balkans»


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Kyiv, Ukraine

«Ukraine and the Balkans Before the Neolithic:

Culture Network or Convergent Development»


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Odessa, Ukraine

«Neolithic of the Southern Bug: Culture or Economic Entity?»


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Kyiv, Ukraine

«Overview of the Osteological Mammal Material From the Surska Culture in the Context

of Its Development and Adaptation of Its Communities to the Natural Environment»


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Chernihiv, Ukraine

«Preliminary Results of New Studies

at the Neolithic Settlement Serikovy Sosny in the Seim River Basin»


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Kyiv, Ukraine

«Køkkenmødding of Eastern Ukraine»


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Zaporizhia, Ukraine

«Obsidian Track»


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Kyiv, Ukraine

«Geographic Determinism and Trypillya Contact Networks, 4200-3000/2900 BCE»


22.Dmytro Chernovol   

Kyiv, Ukraine

«Outbuildings of the Trypillya CultureDwellings used for household activities in Tripolye culture


23.Yevhen Sliesarev

Kyiv, Ukraine

«Economics of Hunting of Trypillian Tribes and Their Neighbours at the C I Stage»


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Riga, Latvia

«Silurinan Flint as Raw Material in the Neolithic (5400-1800 BC) in Present-day Latvia»


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Kyiv, Ukraine

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Skopje, Macedonia

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St. Petersburg, Russia

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St. Petersburg, Russia

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Kyiv, Ukraine

«Perspectives for Wetland Archaeology, surveys and underwater exploration in the Dnieper River, Ukraine»


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Kyiv, Ukraine

«Patterns of Ornaments on the Ceramic from the Lysa Gora Cemetery»