The seminar: «Cultural Heritage in Crisis». How it was

On October 18, 2023, the Faculty of History hosted a seminar titled “Cultural Heritage in Crisis”. The event featured a conversation with Professor Ian Kuijt from the USA, involving students and teachers from the Department of Archaeology and Museum Studies, as well as researchers from the Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

This marked Professor Ian Kuijt second visit to Ukraine. During the seminar, we were delighted to share the outcomes of his initial trip with you through the presentation titled “2023: Featured in a 2-minute film – ‘Fighting for Ukrainian Cultural Heritage'”.

As part of the seminar program, Professor Ian Kuijt, an anthropologist from the University of Notre Dame, delivered a lecture titled “Cultural Heritage in Crisis: Comparative Reflections from Inside and Outside Ukraine” for the students of the History Faculty at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University. Notably, students from the Department of Archaeology and Museum Studies expressed a particular interest in the lecture.

The American professor delivered a presentation outlining a specific algorithm of actions, which included ground-level documentation of materials, as well as the accounting and initial assessment of the incurred damage. Following the presentation, Professor Ian Kuijt from the University of Notre Dame engaged in discussions with students, faculty, and scholars on how the traumatic moments of war can be transformed into mechanisms of resilience and recovery. (more)

“Uprooting the Ukrainian language, culture, history—deliberately erasing it—the Russians are attempting to restore the Soviet era. It is crucial to continually remind people that heritage holds significant importance.”

prof. Ian Kuijt

Throughout the discussion, a consensus emerged regarding the necessity for future archaeologists, museologists, and monument experts to acquire practical skills in the use of remote and non-invasive methods for recording monuments.

The seminar concluded with the unveiling of the printed edition of the VITA ANTIQUA almanac, titled “Cultural Heritage and War: Challenges and Solutions”.