Учасники міжнародної Групи Ян Кайт та Павло Шидловський дали інтерв’ю Science та Newsweek

Журнал Science та новинний ресурс Newsweek опублікували інтерв’ю з учасниками Групи Яном Кайтом та Павлом Шидловським.

“Now, a team of Ukrainian and U.S. archaeologists is surveying another category of destruction: damage to Ukraine’s archaeological heritage, much of which remains underground, often unexcavated and undocumented.”

Science talks with archaeologists surveying damage on the ground – by Andrew Curry


War Destroying Ukraine’s Cultural Heritage at Scale ‘Not Seen Since WWII’ – by By Aristos Georgiou

“The first ground-based survey of Ukraine’s historical landscape since Russia’s full-scale invasion of the country in February 2022 has highlighted the true extent of the destruction caused by the ongoing war, which has been difficult to ascertain.

In addition to the tragic loss of life and the displacement of many Ukrainians, the conflict has resulted in thousands of cultural heritage sites—including many that were unrecorded—being damaged or destroyed.

Trying to understand how the war is decimating Ukrainian cultural heritage requires an assessment from the ground rather than using drones or satellites.”

https://www.newsweek.com/war-destroying-ukraine-cultural-heritage-scale-not-seen-wwii-1848117 .

В рамках цих інтерв’ю було висвітлено особливості проведення моніторингових робіт на пам’ятках звільнених територій Київської та Чернігівської областей навесні – восени 2023 року.